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Shanghai Sifei Import & Export Co., Ltd.

Şirket profili was Established In Early 2010, Specialized in manufacturing and developing and selling wigs ,Hair Extensions and Hair Replacement System . Strive to make the Art of hair for clients , Making clients Bravely to show real themselve ,help them rebuild confidence. 

Personality: International, Fashion,Comfortable,Art,ME is our DNA.

Proposition:  Be Good at Art ! Show Me !


Mission : To Win Customers by Quality & To Show Customers by Art ! has Thousands stocks can be selected by clients. Get stocklist email





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Founder actively in Beauty Line for many years, due to the love of hair products and fashion, Was setted up in 2010. She is very strict with herself. She said that " Being a business is like being a human being, we must be grateful." so since company set up ,She has been demanding that everyone in the company strictly abide by the company's culture and to be grateful. can owe today all to our customer support. If we can not  serve customers well , why do we exist. 


That is , we stick to our principles, so we devolop quickly .


Shanghai Sifei Import & Export Co., Ltd. Shanghai Sifei Import & Export Co., Ltd. Shanghai Sifei Import & Export Co., Ltd.
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Markalar : SHEWIG

No. Çalışanları : 10~500

Yıllık satış : 10-10000

Yıl kurulan : 2010

İhracat p.c : 90% - 100%

Email: sales@amywig.coom

Telephone: +8615801902501


whatapp: +8615801902501

wechat: +8615801902501